The What, Who, and Where of Our Skill Development

The what, who and where! We are mobile.

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Rapid Change of Workforce Development
Community and Workforce

Workforce and Skill Development MS Mobile Lab Project

graphic design, video production, projection mapping, animation, mobile app creation, coding (web design and microprocessors), process logic control, CNC operation, fabrication, 3D printing, laser engraving, injection molding, casting and molding, cutting/plotting, sublimation, heat press. and organic farming. 

Mobile Labs for Individuals Impacted by Drop Out, Low Income


We are in the process of gaining the ability to offer professional certifications and becoming testing centers. We also offer certificates of completion and a portfolio of work for employment. 

Video Production, Studio Equipment, and Adobe Suite

This section of the lab involves lighting and rigs, green screens, 2 DSLR Cameras, 2  Professional Tripods, Light analysis app, 1 IPad, 2 MacBook computers, Madmapper software, 2 pocket projectors, projection screen and stand material, projection film, glass pane and stand material, 2 licenses of Adobe suite, mold and casting material (for life casting to projection map on a face), motion capture body suit and face tracking, 

Fabrication (video production and innovation)

CNC Router, Drill press, Scroll saw, 2 Circular saws, 2 Jig saws, 2 Drills, 2 Dremels, Laser engraver, 3 -3D printers, Cutter and Plotter, Sublimation printer, Heat press, 2 plastic injection molders, hand tools, CAD software (Solidworks and Auto Cad)

Coding for Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver

6 MacBook computers, 6  licenses to Adobe suite

Coding microprocessors

8 Arduino microprocessors, breadboards, resistors, wiring, connectors, programmable LED's, servos, actuators. 6 Macbook computers (these computers will be part of a 12 computer cart) 

App Creation using Adobe XD and Xcode

6 Macbook computers and 6 licenses to Adobe suite

Organic Farming

1 Hydroponic farming system, raised planters, UV lights, plants and seeds, minerals and fertilizers. 

Welding (Phase II)

Welding will be part of the mobile labs in Phase II

Truck, trailers, and trucking company lease

1 Carhauler trailer (mobile lab), 1 enclosed eighteen wheeler (mobile green house), 3/4 ton truck, trucking company lease, generators, ventilation system,  electrical systems